Long Tail Pro Cloud Complete Review

 Long Tail Pro Cloud Complete Review
Long Tail Pro Cloud is finally here! As a long awaited addition to the desktop version, Long Tail Platinum, the cloud version has rolled out to existing members. If you’re already a LTP member, then you’ll get access at no additional cost.
There is now a monthly keyword quota in Long Tail Pro Cloud because they are now paying for a bunch of third part data services. This limitation does not apply to the desktop version which would be linked to your own Google AdWords account.

What’s New In Long Tail Pro Cloud?

You’re probably wondering what’s the big deal with this upgrade? Here are the main benefits and features:

Overcome Average Monthly Search Data Limitations

In August, 2016, Google AdWords started limiting the search volume data to ranged results instead of precise numbers for inactive AdWords PPC accounts. For example, the ranges would be:
  • 0
  • 1–100
  • 100–1K
  • 1K–10K
  • 10K–100K
  • 100K–1M
  • 1M+
Since Long Tail Pro Cloud gets its data from third-party services, you don’t need to have an active Google AdWords account to get the precise data.

Access From Anywhere

Instead of having to install an adobe air application on your Mac or PC and license it, you can now access the app on any computer. This gets rid of the headaches of switching between devices, especially if you want to use your tablet or mobile phone.

Keyword Competitiveness Score Is Calculated Way Faster

With the desktop version, it took a long time to bulk calculate the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) score. On average, it took over 2 hours for a list of 700 keywords. When we tested the cloud version, it was noticeably faster and no Google captchas were popping up, which was very annoying before.

Here’s a Quick Walk-through

To start, select your search engine country and language. You can add an optional domain to get the Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores as well as how many unique referring domains it has.
According to Long Tail Pro Cloud:
Domain TF measures the quality of links to your domain and how frequently trusted and influential sites link back to your domain. A higher score indicates more links from authoritative and trusted sites.
Domain CF measures how influential your site might be based on all of the sites linking to it and the influence of those sites. A higher score indicates more links overall.
Referring Domains tells you the number of unique domains that link back to your site. The more referring domains you have, the more importance Google will give to your domain.
A really useful feature is that it now provides a recommended target KC to go for. In this case, it’s recommended to target keywords with 25 or under KC score. With additional link building we would be able to go for keywords between 25 and 30 KC score. Great! Now we know what to filter out.
long tail pro cloud search

The next step is to type in your seed keyword(s) and how many results you want to generate with optional search filters.
long tail pro cloud seed keywords
After a minute or so, our results have been generated. KC scores usually populate shortly after.
long tail pro cloud keyword results
Next, we want to filter out keywords with KC scores that are too high, so we’ll go for keywords that are under 35 KC score:
long tail pro cloud filtered keywords
If you click on one of the keywords, you can see the top 10 organic results for it with all the important information you need to know:
long tail pro cloud keyword competition analysis
You can also add up to 2000 of your own keywords manually if you don’t want LTPC to generate keyword ideas for you.
long tail pro cloud manual entry
There you have it! If you haven’t yet tried Long Tail Pro, Long Tail Platinum, or the new Long Tail Pro Cloud, then we highly suggest you do. It’s a fantastic tool for everyone looking to get better SEO rankings and more traffic to their site.

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