How I Made Pinterest My Full-Time Job

What!? Yep, you heard me right! Being a Pinterest expert has become my full-time job!
And you know what the best part about it is?
I set my own hours! I work when I want to work. “Full-time” can mean a half hour a day or 7 hours a day… I work when I want to work!

How did I get here?
First, let me give you some clarification
I do not work for Pinterest in any way.  When I say my “full-time job,” I simply mean that I spend A LOT of time on the Pinterest platform growing my blog.
I am talking about creating pins, scheduling pins, pinning content, researching Pinterest strategies, etc.
The money I make comes from my blog, and all of the traffic from my blog comes from Pinterest!
Okay, let’s move on!
Well it’s really a crazy story, because just 8 months ago, I was working full-time as a certified public accountant (CPA) for a small firm in Dallas, TX.
My boyfriend, Alex, was working full-time as a personal trainer, and he had big business plans.  He, unlike myself, always knew he wanted to go into business for himself.  He was just looking for the right path.
Fast forward a little bit, and we decide to start create a health and fitness blog, together, because it was a passion we both shared.
We worked nights and weekends and during every other second that we weren’t working our other full-time jobs.
After 3 months of this double time, we decided to give this thing everything we had and quit our jobs (BEFORE we were even making a dime!).  This was in January of 2016.

We had no guarantee that anything would work out, but we knew that it somehow had to, because it was the only option left!

It took us less than a month to start making a little money, and we were in the green just 2 months after that!  This post talks about our first few months of business and how we doubled our revenues every month!
By July of 2016, we had made over 40k in just one month!  This can be seen in our July Income Report.
All of this success was thanks to one awesome and underrated (for business) social media platform: Pinterest !

How I Made Pinterest My Full-Time Job

We started dabbling in Pinterest after reading about them on a digital marketing website that we followed at the time.  They talked about driving tons of traffic via Pinterest for FREE.
This sounded like heaven, because everything we knew about Facebook marketing screamed get rich or die a slow, painful death trying!
We tried promoted pins at first, and we didn’t have much success.  Our most successful posts were in the weight loss niche, and Pinterest is VERY strict on the weight loss content that you are allowed to promote.
Growth was slow at first, but then we unlocked a few Pinterest secrets, and our account took off!  We now have over 70k followers (on our health and fitness account), and we get about 300-500 new followers every day!

One thing I learned right away was that in order to grow quickly and rise to the top in Pinterest, you had to spend a LOT of time learning it and really paying attention to it.
This meant not only creating beautiful pins, pinning your own content and that of others, but also finding and studying the top players in your niche.  The more time I spent on Pinterest, the more we were rewarded for it!
You can outsource Pinterest pinning, management, and upkeep very easily and inexpensively by hiring a virtual assistant, but we choose not to.  I am hesitant to let go of the reigns when Pinterest has been so good to us.
So how do we actually make money?

We created digital products to sell on our health and fitness website,

We write mainly yoga and weight loss content, and we created a yoga eBook and online weight loss program to sell on the website and the bottom of those articles.

Simple as that.

It wasn’t THAT simple to get there.  You have to figure out what content to write, what kind of products your readers are interested in, and how to sell them on it.

This process took us a couple of months to see the first bit of profits, and several months to see SERIOUS profits.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great place to start for new bloggers, because you can generate all of your traffic for FREE!  Advertising and marketing is often one of the biggest expenses for startups, and we avoided it completely!

We are now averaging about 15k views/day to our health and fitness blog, all through Pinterest.  We have made as much as 40k a month with this blog, and last month we made over 20k!

And let me tell you… Going into business for myself has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done!
website traffic stats july
You can see our growth in traffic in the chart above!
Bottom line: Do NOT underestimate the power of Pinterest for your blog!

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